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Located at the heartland of the Egyptian fields of Vegetables; Frozena Company was Established in 2006 with a clear vision of becoming one of the best producers of frozen vegetables in the region. Utilizing state of the art technology and uncompromised quality assurance; exporting to over 15 countries around the world. HACCP and ISO 9001/2000 certificates are a solid proof of Frozena's commitment to excellence.

Frozena's mission

Frozena's mission Is to provide a quality product to the end user through a modern facility and a highly trained staff who will deliver only the best available products for the market. Since our customer only deserves the best.

Our quality assurance starts from the soil at which plants are grown till delivery of goods to our customers.

Frozena's commitment

Frozena's commitment towards local society is shown with recruiting over 180 Egyptian employees and environment friendly facility.
We strongly believe that our employees are our partners, every employee is considered as Frozena's family member.


"Frozena: A Name You Can Trust"; is a daily practice and not just words.


  • French Fries (Frozen Potato).
  • Frozen Vegetables & Fruits.

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